Stores Telegram
Who can use this service?
Anyone who has a residential or business address in the countries we provide (USA,CA, DE,UK, FR)
Unfortunately, we do not allow know reshipping addresses, or PO Boxes.
What can I order?
The limits vary by store and can be found in the store list, if you don't know that you can order it or not please go on telegram and DM one of our helpful staff members.
How many times can I do this?
Generally speaking, you should not do a lot of refunds with one store. Instead, you should use different stores, and eventually after a few months or so you can hit those stores again.
We always recommend changing your billing and or shipping address with simple jigging.
What is the success rate?
We offer a 99% success rate with our methods and our statistics show so far above 99.2%. I am not your average refunder and have been in the game for a long time. This is my craft and what I specialize in and I can guarantee that I will always bring you the HIGHEST success rate.