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HOT Amazon Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes$15000530%WorldwideFor any of the following Amazons - Please review your cart with @RFA_AMZ on Telegram$15000530%Worldwide (aged)$8000530%WorldwideAged account (fresh)$5000530%WorldwideFresh account$4000330%ItalyOrder must be shipped domestically (within Italy)$12000330%Netherlands$12000330%Sweden$12000330%Poland (aged)$6000430%FranceAged account - Contact @RFA_FR for France Amazon$1500430%FranceFresh account - Contact @RFA_FR for France Amazon
HOT Apple Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes
Apple UK$8000120%UK
Apple FR$5000135%FR
Apple DE$8000120%DE
Apple NE$8000120%NE
Apple IT$8000120%IT
Apple SP$8000120%SP
Apple SW$8000120%SW
USA/CA Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes
Walmart USA$5000520%USAContact @RFA_USA for any of the stores below
BestBuy USA$600120%USA
Target USA$100001020%USA
Visible USA$15000120%USA
Lenovo USA$5000120%Worldwide
Ring USA$1000520%Worldwide
Ninja Kitchen USA$1250320%USA/CA
Bloomingdales USA$3000220%Worldwide
Nordstrom USA$2000220%USA
Adidas USA$100002520%USA / CA / UK / DE / NL / FR / BE / SE / IT / ES
Neiman Marcus USA$2300220%USA
J. Crew USA$10001020%USA
Ralph Lauren USA$30002020%USA
Calvin Klein USA$20002020%Worldwide
Banana Republic USA$10001020%CA
Nastygal USA$5001020%USA/CA
PrettyLittleThing USA$5001020%USA/CA
Puma USA$30003020%USA/CA
The North Face USA$30002020%Worldwide
Patagonia USA$20002020%Worldwide
Zara USA$300320%CA
Zumiez USA$500320%USA/CA
Superdry USA$1000120%USA
Vans USA$2000120%USA/CA
Lululemon USA$20001020%USA/CA
Urban Outfitters USA$2000120%USA/CA
Hollister USA$200002020%USA/CA
Abercrombie & Fitch USA$200002020%USA/CA
Fanatics USA$10002020%USA/CA
NBA Store USA$10001020%USA/CA
NFL Store USA$10001020%USA/CA
NHL Store USA$10001020%USA/CA
MLB Store USA$10001020%USA/CA
RayBan USA$1000220%USA/CA
Oakley USA$500120%USA/CA
Fitbit USA$500220%USA/CA
Fossil USA$500120%USA/CA
Gymshark USA$30002020%USA
Wayfair Freight USA$2000520%USA/CA
Petsmart USA$500120%USA
Chewy USA$500120%USA
Petco USA$500120%USA
Purple USA$5000120%USA/CA
Neiman Marcus $2000120%USA
Dicks Sporting Goods$1500520%USA
UK Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes
PC World UK$35002020%UKContact @RFA_UK for the stores below.
Currys (eBay) UK$5002020%UK
Shark Clean UK$21000220%UK
Ninja Kitchen UK$21000220%UK
Ring UK$1500420%Worldwide
Ernest Jones UK$70002020%UK
H&M UK$70002020%UK
Gymshark UK$200002020%UK
Hollister UK$200002020%UK
Abercrombie and Fitch UK$200002020%UK
Adidas UK$30002020%UK
Hugo Boss UK$30002020%UK
Ralph Lauren UK$30002020%UK
Pandora UK$15002020%UK
John Lewis$2500220%UK
Uber Eats$0020%UK
FR Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes
Amazon FR$5000330%FRMust be sold and shipped by Amazon FR
Zalando FR$25003525%FRMust be sold and shipped by Zalando FR
Nike FR$600325%FR
Adidas FR$600325%FR
Apple FR$5000135%FR
Dior FR$600125%FR
Abercrombie & Fitch FR$50003520%FR
Sephora FR$999525%FR
RayBan FR$1000330%FR
Ralph Lauren FR$2000525%FR
DE Stores
Store$ limitItem limitRateRegionNotes
Any Store$30001025%DEContact @RFA_DE before placing an order ANYWHERE.
Amazon Limits
Reships, PO Boxes are fine. Different order numbers, delivery dates are fine. Deliveries w/ signature, OTP are fine too.

Some of goods in your order should be min $400 per one item.

Contact us if you have any questions.